Thomasine Walker

Thomasine Walker


Thomasine “Baby Tomi” Renee’ Walker was born to Angela Walker of Great Falls, MT and Douglas LaRoche of Williston, ND on June 26, 1986 in Willison, North Dakota.  She grew up and attended school in Harlem and Chinook, MT. Later, she moved back to Fort Belknap where she met Asher Healy and with whom she had 3 children. She was a stay at home mom who enjoyed spending time with her children and writing poetry. Thomasine and Asher enjoyed a full and happy life together for a time. Their life journeys took them in different directions. She later met and became very close to another man who she loved very deeply and who she shared a child with. She worked at the Island Mountain Call Center in Hays, MT. Thomasine was a free spirit who enjoyed the company of her family and friends. She was always very light hearted and made people laugh. She loved and respected her elders, her siblings, and her peers because she believed life was to be lived to the fullest with no restrictions. Thomasine is and always will be a fearless soul that will be remembered by those who knew her well and who were closest to her.

She is preceded in death by her step father Wilson Edison Black Elk Jr. of Pine Ridge, SD, maternal great grandparents, Moses and Angela Shawl of Ft. Belknap , her grandmother Donna Shawl Cantrell of Poplar, sister Renee Rose Black Elk, Cathy Cichoz of Hays and various uncles and aunties and other relatives on both sides of her family.

She is survived by her children Asher Healy Jr., Ian Healy, Andrea Healy, their father, Asher Healy Sr. and her son Seth Jackson, her mother Angela Walker Bahlmann (Darrin) of Great Falls, MT, her father Douglas LaRoche of Williston, her siblings Wilson “JoJo” Black Elk, Joshua Black Elk, Clifford “C.J.” Black Elk and Samantha Snell all of Fort Belknap, her grandparents Clifford Walker (Judy), Newton Cantrell of Poplar, MT, aunties Desiree Scheaffer (John Brown) of Billings, MT, Theresa Walker Enemy Hunter (Kenneth) of Hardin, MT, Mindy Walker Vandehey (Pat) of Missoula, aunties Lucy Cantrell, Annie Cantrell and Carmen Cantrell all of Poplar, MT, uncles Robert “B.J.” Scheaffer (Jewel Perry) of Ft. Belknap, Randy Walker of Ft. Belknap, her mother-in-law, Gail Ereaux of Chinook, MT and many other relatives too numerous to mention.

We apologize to anyone whose names we failed to mentioned. Thomasine’s family is large and she loved all of you.

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