Miles Pendleton Moen

Miles Pendleton Moen

Miles, 36,  was born July 19, 1983 in Havre, Montana to Elaine and Phillip Moen.  Miles attended Devlin Elementary School, Havre Middle School and Havre High School. He graduated from Havre High School in 2001.  Miles attended Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana prior to joining the United States Army in 2002.  Miles was Honorably Discharged from the Army and returned to Havre, where he worked for BLM Metals, a metal fabrication shop for several years.  During his time working for BLM Metals he produced numerous designs and fabricated many works, both practical and artistic.  He helped to develop many of the knife designs for Bear Paw Knives and created the mandrel for cutting the blade blanks out.  He also worked on the family farm until his death helping with day to day tasks.  He was a tremendous help with the planning and construction of the new shop too.  Last, but not least, he was the official family chauffeur, willing to drive anywhere, any time.

Except for the time spent in college and the Army, Miles resided in Havre all his life.  Miles was not a religious person but lived by his own moral code of right and wrong.  Miles enjoyed spending time with his friends; but, was happy to spend time by himself pursuing his own interests. He wasn’t a particularly sociable person yet he was always happy to visit with company. He was also willing to pitch in and help people in need.  Miles, in particular, enjoyed traveling to the Gun Shows with Bear Paw Knives and made many new friends among the vendors and attendees.

Miles was a member of the band throughout middle and high school and greatly enjoyed playing his Baritone Saxophone and Bass clarinet. Miles was also, for several years, a member of the Junior Rifle Club, training to improve his marksmanship.  Miles really enjoyed listening to music and he was an avid collector of music by many artists, who amassed a large collection of CD’s.  Miles was a voluminous collector of books.  Many of the books he collected were research for his writing and he spent hours discussing everything from the Roman Army to the root causes of World War One.   He was a fan of Winston Churchill, and had several books by and about him. He also collected and read hundreds of books of Military Science Fiction.  His collection also included dozens of Military history books, covering everything from the Peloponnesian Wars to current day Afghanistan.  Along with his books and music, Miles enjoyed hunting, shooting, and designing knives, as well as watching movies.  He was a very good hunter and harvested many deer over the years; including a couple of trophies taken following truly epic hunts.  He enjoyed carpentry and building, especially the planning process for new projects. 

In addition to his other activities, Miles spent hours writing almost daily, and planned to have his work eventually published.  Using the vast amount of research he had amassed, he began to develop an epic story arc, most of it centered on his imagined world that eventually swelled to over two million words. In time perhaps some of his work may become available for the World to share.

Following his diagnosis, Miles fought diligently to overcome his cancer, undergoing multiple surgeries and many rounds of chemo-therapy in an effort to be cured but was unable to prevail.

Miles is survived by his parents Elaine and Phillip Moen and his brother Brett Moen, all of Havre, MT.  Other survivors include his uncles Chris Moen,  K.C. (Debbie) Moen, his aunt Deanna (Bud) Tuss, uncle Donnie Murphy and many cousins.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents Olive and Vance Murphy, Phyllis and Mel Moen, as well as his aunts Caroline Fleury, and JoAnne Murphy. 

Funeral Services will be held on Saturday November 16, 2019 at 11:00am at Grace Chapel at Northern Montana Care Center.

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