Leroy D. Tucker Jr.

Leroy D. Tucker Jr.

Leroy “Teeners” Tucker Jr., 68 went on to be Creator’s next new camp crier in the Big Camps. Teener’s also carries the name Zigato, Blue Bird, he was given a special name because of his eyes by his grandmother Juanita Tucker.

Teeners was born August 15, 1951 in old hospital (Agency) of Fort Belknap, Montana to his Mother Ruth Johnson-Tucker and Father Leroy D. Tucker Sr. He went to live in Ontario, Oregon until he was 14 years old then he moved to Lodge Pole, Montana to be with grandma and grandpa Juanita and Joseph Tucker. He than turned 18 years of age and went on to the Military. He enlisted into the Army September of 1969 as a PFC-3 Artillery in Crotton, Oklahoma. He went to the Vietnam War in the Philippines, South Korea for a two-year duty and he returned home with honorary discharge May 12, 1971, than returned to Lodge Pole, Montana. When he made it back home, he made a promise to Creator, kiss the ground and said, “I Am glad I came home in one piece.”—Teeners

Upon returning home to Lodge Pole with his grandparents, he stayed around locally trying to find himself again. He suffered great deals as any Soldier’s would. After soul searching his grandfather Joe Tucker told him to go out there to work and he did just that. In 1973 he moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he worked as a Rubber Factory he worked several years there before he permanently moved back to Montana. He worked as a BIA Maintenance, old-time scrapers in Cody, Wyoming. Ranch work for locals. He built many good friendships/brotherhood with people he worked with in the work environment world. He was a hard-working man, provided his three children and a home with safe place and tough love. It was a hard life being a single father and with help of family members. Pinamiya (Thank You) to all! 

Most rewarding gift in life was seeing his first-born daughter born March 1985, that changed his world. A daughter and son with his marriage with Zola Baptiste from Wolf Point, MT. Then after a son from Dorothy Sanchez. His two sons came to be here for a short while  and had left this world before him. He joins and now celebrates with them in the beginning of a new life at the Big Camp in Creator’s heaven. 

Teeners always enjoy going to Rodeos, fishing, hunting, and traveling to watch local basketball tournaments of Hays/Lodge Pole and Harlem Schools with his close brother Leonard Gone. He loved to sing at Powwows with his brothers known as Hays Singers of Hays, MT. Most importantly, his heart belongs to the Sundance way of life, which is called the Red Road. How he became a camp crier, his adopted father Joe Ironman Sr. had asked him to become one of the camp crier because Teeners had a loud voice, Forever Yelling! He had it in his heart to believe Just enough to get you up and moving. His job was to make sure everyone did not give up and to get back up to finish their commitments in the Big Lodges. It didn’t matter what lodge he went to, he was well known in Canada, Wyoming, Oregon, Browning, Poplar, Wolf Point, Rocky Boy, Hays, and Lodge Pole. Whenever he was needed, he attended with his heart and soul. He stayed as a camp crier for numerous years until he passed it down to his adopted son Jeremy “Staff” Ritchie. His words to Jeremy and many other Camp Criers are to always use your voice. “You have a voice. Learn to use it.”- Teeners. Also He always encouraged everyone to be strong, do your best and finish. Teeners has many grandchildren; Neesta and Blue Bird Ritchies, Jayden, Jaylah, Junior Small, Elias, Caleb Filesteele who call him, “GranPa TinTin,” too many to name, he will meet his blood grandchild in the Big Camps. Teeners will missed and loved by many people and his only daughter, Emerald.

He is preceded in death by his grandparents Juanita and Joseph Tucker, Grandma/Mom Joyce Gone, his parents Leroy D. Tucker Sr., and Ruth Johnson, sons Leroy J. Tucker III, and Anthony J. Sanchez. Adopted Dad Joe Ironman Sr. Brothers: Doug and Benjamin Johnson, Walter Junior LongFox (best friend). Sister Gloria Gone.

He is survived by his daughter Emerald Tucker (Havre), adopted daughter in-law Randi Shortman and adopted son Jeremy Ritchie, Grandchildren Jayden, Jaylah, Jr Small, Neesta and Blue Bird Richie and Many others. Sisters: Robin Lea Tucker, Carlene Ruth Tucker, Tina Tucker, Sandy Tucker, Karen Tucker, and Kim Baker. Brothers: Wayne Azure, Lenard Gone, Calvin Gone Sr. John Allen Sr., and Mike Lamebull. And many other family members to many to name. If we have forgotten anyone, it was not intentional. Thank You all for your Support and Love from the Tuckers, Gone, Ironman, Johnsons and Wings.

The Wake will be on Tuesday February 25 starting at 5pm at the Ft. Belknap Community Center at Ft. Belknap MT. The Sunrise service will start at 7:00am at the Lodgepole Cemetery in Lodgepole MT.

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